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Car Accident Lawyer

What does Compensation cover?

Motor vehicle accidents may result in a multitude of damages, including economic damages. The injured may need to miss work because they are recovering from the accident, or they may need to enter into a rehabilitation center. They may have several visits to doctors, surgeries, medications, and tests, all while incurring substantial medical costs. If the injury is very serious, they may require care for the rest of their lives and need compensation to pay for this high level of attention.

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$1,300,000 Settlement

7 Figure Confidential Settlement

$850,000 Settlement

A $1,300,000 settlement after our clients was seriously injured in an auto accident.

Over $1 million settlement against one of the largest health care providers in the nation after their company driver crashed into our client’s vehicle causing serious injuries.

A $850,000 settlement after a car accident that left our client with serious injuries.

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What is an Auto Accident?

Utah is a tort state, and this means that lawsuits due to car accidents are not limited by no-fault laws, as may be the case in other jurisdictions. If the operator of a motor vehicle injures another driver, passengers, pedestrians, or bicyclists, the injured may be entitled to compensation and may use the courts to obtain it, particularly if the other driver made a mistake like failing to yield, failure to stop, speed, cause a rear-end collision, etc. By working with an experienced car accident attorney, those injured can file a personal injury claim in Utah court for damages resulting from the collision.